Surface Treatment
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Surface Treatment


The M-Pure Surface treatment is a commonly used method.
M-Pure Surface has roughened micro-and nano-structure surface topography.
This structure leads to optimal cell adherence and proliferation int the cavities of the roughened implant surface, significantly increasing the number of cells attached to the surface.
The M-Pure Surface technique is considered the industry standart and has been copied by many implant companies.
As this system does not use acid, a purer and cleaner surface is obtained.
his surface treatment attributes to a shorter healing time, and boasts a 98.8% success rate.


Surface Treatment of MGM Implant is M-Pure Surface surface treatment with Aluminum Ochid


Surface Stats:
Ra: 1.68um
Rq: 1.81um
Rt: 15:35

Measfurement Info:
Magnification: 19.86
Measurement Mode: VSI
Sampling: 498.41nm
Array Size: 640x480

Roughness Value is Ra 1.42 - 1.74 which is ideal value of M-Pure Surface treatment for OSSEOINTEGRATION

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