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About Us

MGM IMPLANT, which adopted the highest quality in all product groups and services provided to distinguished dentists, is specialized in the field of implantology under the TS-EN-ISO 9000 quality management system and aimed at providing them with the state-of-the-art technologies.

Headquartered in Bremen, MGM IMPLANT acts as the producer of all implantology systems for all over the World, without compromising the quality, with its strong sales and service network reaching out each point of all the world and significant amount of know-how it has gained in the field, since 2008.

Our vision is to become an assertive trademark at international level, by continuously improving our company in the light of the experience we gained in the healthcare sector, remaining committed to the ethical values with respect to increasing the quality standards and acting in line with our solid and service-based understanding.

Distinguished Dentists,

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MGM IMPLANT offers you the latest technological advances in the field of implantology under the most economic conditions. The product groups we offer you accommodate the highest technology. Furthermore, each new technologic advance developed by the trademarks for whom we act as the distributor is followed up and introduced by us all over the World simultaneously along with their launch in other countries. All kinds of technological devices we possess are offered to our distinguished dentists in their treatments, with the highest level of protective sterilization methods and under high sensitivity.

We would like to underline that we are proud of offering you the highest quality, respectable and advanced technology.

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Our aim is clean surfaces perfectly using a processing technique composed of advanced cleaning protocols and repeated verifications.

Predictable and immaculate cleaning is achieved by means of regular tests and MGM implant processing protocols

This MGM implant cleaning system warrants the realization of pure surfaces that don’t contain foreign matter other than their raw materials.


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